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Someone once asked me whether or not I liked my job. I took a moment to really think about that question. "Do I like my job?" I guess that the reason that I had to ponder was because I honestly do not consider what I do a "job". It is TRULY a passion that I happen to get paid for doing.

To each and every bride and groom with whom our team has worked, thank you for allowing AN Xquisite Affair the opportunity of bringing your visions to life. To those of you still in need of a Wedding/Event Planner, please consider us. You will not be disappointed.

We all envision our wedding as a magical celebration of love and are enthusiastic and eager to begin planning or special day. But behind the flowers, the romance and the excitement lies the contract, the negotiations,the need for impeccable organization and superb time management.

Regardless of size, complexity or budget, our team provides professional comprehensive guidance and works diligently to assure that your event is custom tailored to make certain that your special day is all that you ever dreamed it to be.

The degree to which the planner is involved is up to you. You can chose from the many options of service that we provide. At An Xquisite Affair we offer creative innovative ideas, provide insight and imagination and have knowledge of all that is needed to plan a successful event.

When you are sick, you visit a doctor. If you need legal advise, you hire an attorney who is knowledgeable about the law. When planning a wedding, one of the most important events of your lifetime, do you not deserve to have a professional on your side?

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Excellence is not just our goal, it's our commitment.

Photos on this website were taken by Scott-Bey Photography.