An Xquisite Affair | Sample Letter

As the curtains closed, applause and laughter echoed throughout the theater.  I knew the next act was going to be powerful and anxiously waited for the curtains to reopen.   I was still smiling and as I turned my head I found myself transfixed by the man whose baritone laughter lingered on.  His laughter stopped, he looked surprised then just as quickly, he began to grin from ear to ear. 


A hush came over the room making me realize that the curtains had reopened and reluctantly I turned back to the actors on the stage and soon was once again engrossed in the play. 


As the final curtain closed, I stood and began making way towards the door.  I was soon lost in the crowd.  The gentle breeze of a summer’s night air caused me to shiver.   “Do you want my jacket?” he asked.  “After all I am a gentleman and I would feel terrible if someone so beautiful caught a cold” 


I smiled, “Nice line but no thanks. Besides, my mother always told me not to accept gifts from strangers.”   It was his turn to smile saying, “Then by all means, let me introduce myself.  My name is Robert.”  “Nice to meet your Robert, I am Cheryl” 


And that how we met and life has never been the same since.  Robert and I love life.   We both love walking but usually do that separately because he likes walking to the sports arena and I like walking in the malls.  We both love music… him jazz, me R & B.  We love movies.  He loves action and war movies and Comedy or Romance are by far my favorite.


So what do we have in common some may ask?  Well the answer is this … We both love the God.  We both enjoy each others’ company and love the differences and similarities that each of us individually bring to the table.


300 words could not even begin to describe the joy and love that we share in our relationship …  We would love to win the Wedding Giveaway.


Cheryl and Robert